8 to 1 Lane Cleaner

8 to 1 Lane Cleaner is a powerful, breakthrough cleaner, not like anything you've ever used before. Utilizing newly developed concentrate technology, 8 to 1 allows you to tailor your cleaner to fit your needs providing enough muscle for the tough jobs and a soft touch for those light jobs. Start with one part 8 to 1 Lane Cleaner and add eight or more parts water for total cleaning, plus.

Use half the cleaner you typically use, double your savingsand get powerful results you can count on. Try 8 to 1 Lane Cleaner from Neo Technologies and you won't go back to anything else. Conveniently packaged in a unique bag-in-box container, 8 to 1 Lane Cleaner is easy to use and store.

Use the Cleaning and Mixing system to give you a perfect mix every time.